About Us

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I am a Mom of an amazing four-year old girl and it brings me enormous joy to dress her in beautiful clothes each day, regardless of where she is going. However, given that she is a toddler, her clothes take a beating and she grows out of them quickly, making me reluctant to buy expensive clothing for her day-to-day activities. Furthermore, like other parents, my time is limited and I found myself spending more time than I really have searching for charming, but reasonably priced, clothing options for my daughter. It rapidly became apparent that it’s difficult to find a selection of these items in one place. Thus, Little Grasshoppers was born.

At Little Grasshoppers, we understand that parents are busy and their time is limited. It is our goal to streamline the shopping experience and provide parents with a selection of charming clothing for young children that is reasonably priced. We’re glad you’re here!